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Many astronomy groups in the UK can charge anything from £10 to £30 (or more in some cases) for annual membership - and then some  are a bit coy about what their annual charges are until you are well into the joining process.

Worthing Astronomers is a different kind of astronomical society; we are FREE to join (membership details below); we do not have a lecture programme; there is no formal society structure as it is run by the membership for the membership; there are no society politics;
we believe astronomy should be about the basics- looking up and enjoying the night sky - in other words, making astronomy a fun thing to do.

Our aim is to encourage a popular interest in astronomy; help, assist and give mutual support to possessors of telescopes - large or small, binoculars and other instruments and those who wish to learn more about the subject of astronomy.

To that end we:

Encourage and help newcomers to astronomy. Hold regular observing sessions for members to encourage practical observing.

Organize local public telescope events, some that may coincide with national or international initiatives such as the annual Astronomy Day  and Global Astronomy Month, both held in the spring each year, National Astronomy Week  in the UK (held recently in March 2014), International Observe the Moon Night  held annually in the autumn and, liaise and work with other amateurs astronomy groups in the area.

Advise the public as to dates and times of eclipses, comets and other astronomy events of interest.

Produce a free monthly newsletter for members which details interesting events for the next month.

If you are interested and keen on getting out and start stargazing why not join by clicking SUBSCRIBE to become a member to a thriving and growing community with over 400 members; sign up for the newsletter and let us know a bit more about yourself.

If you are using a web based service (e.g Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail etc.) type the following into the address bar of your email: info@worthingastronomers.org.uk - and type 'Subscribe' in the subject line.

Some of these web based services block emails and attachments - so check your settings

All we ask is that you read and understand the Guidelines of our group. Click to download. Your details will not be passed on to third parties. Unlike some astronomy societies, we don't even dump unwanted cookies on your computer!

Clicking to subscribe is the only way to join Worthing Astronomers. If you like us, why not let your friends know about us!

DISCLAIMER: Despite rumours to the contrary, Worthing Astronomers is an independent organisation and is not part of, or associated with, any other astronomy group in the Worthing area.

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 Observing events advertised dependent on weather and may be cancelled without notice.



For details contact info@worthingastronomers.org.uk
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Several of our members were lucky to see (and capture with their camera's) a view of Mercury crossing the face of the Sun on May 9. This image taken by Steve Goddard was taken with a Canon DSLR, telescope and safety filter.


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