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Steyning Downland Scheme outreach event

This ticketed event hosted and arranged by the Wiston Estate to promote their Steyning Downland Scheme just outside of the main village at the old military rifle range was a great success despite the weather. The event started in the Star Inn (rather apt) where Robin Durant gave a talk about the Moon. After this the group walked up to the Picnic field where we had set up, but the weather had decided that we were not going to see anything that night. Instead we proceeded to give a talk about the equipment we had and then show some images I luckily had to hand on my iPad which earned some adoration from the crowd. I believe they were happy and seemed to take away something from their time with us. All in all a very rewarding evening. Thanks to Steve Bassett, Steve Willeter, Andy Spencer and Robin Durant for their time and effort.

The picnic field talk...

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